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Searching for a crypto exchange platform with zero trading fees? Search no further, Zainx is your answer

Trading fees are mostly just a small percentage or a fraction of a percent, so most people don't care about them. But when you are a professional trader – or you want to become one, that is a lot of money you hand over to the exchange over time. To avoid that, we build a crypto exchange platform which allow our users to trade with zero-fees..


First Phase ends in:

0.4 ZLN

ZLN Raised
  • Pre-Sale
  • Soft Cap
  • Bonus
  • |
  • |
  • |
0% target raised
1 ZLN = 0.4 USD
What is Zainx?

What is Zainx?

Zainx is the best Crypto-One-Stop-Solution platform with zero percent trading fees. Our platform encompasses all features of a digital economic system based on cryptocurrency. The platform is made up of core elements such as an e-wallet, a cryptocurrency exchange, and a native token. Additionally, it provides related features and services such as market cap rankings, token listings, and merchant tools (namely, a payment gateway or point of sale), a merchant list , and an early version of a cryptocurrency-friendly market place.

Buy ZLN now and get 25% discount

This phase began on 17th of February 2021. During this phase, a total of 9,000,000 ZLN will be issued at a discounted rate of $0.0375 which is 25 percent of bonus rate. There is a minimum requirement of the purchase of 200,000 ZLN per user during this phase.

$18 Million

ZLN was created on the Ethereum Blockchain in 2020

$9 Million

ZLN is available for sale during the ICO


$2,250,000 Million generated after the ICO will be use on as Liquidity


Early investors can expect great rewards on their investments


17th February, 2021
Zainx Initial coin offering pre sale of ICO launched
9,000,000 ZLN tokens are allocated to the ICO crowd sale at $0.75
Total Market Capitalization
27th June, 2021
Zainx platform launch
Integrated exchange allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies directly from their Zain wallets
Total Market Capitalization
27th August, 2021
Zainx Walllet
Zainx wallet will be accessible on all smart devices. User can buy/sell up to 170+ cryptocurrencies will be listed
Total Market Capitalization
5th December, 2021
Zainx Staking
Stake ZLN and earn rewards
Total Market Capitalization
17th February, 2022
Listings Tokens and ICO/STOs
Clients will be able to create and manage their ICO/STOs on our platform.
Total Market Capitalization
27th June, 2022
XPAY Debit Cards
XPay Debit Cards is a virtual debit card that can use to purchase merchandise on the platform and with our partners.
Total Market Capitalization
5th December, 2022
XPAY POS terminal
XPAY POS is an excellent choice of a POS terminal regardless of the type of store. It works for physical and online stores alike, and merchants can receive payments in ZLN .
Total Market Capitalization

Token Distribution

The distribution of funds will be done as follows: Main ICO 45% Company 18% Pre ICO token sale 15% Bounty and ZLN rewards 11

Initial Token Distribution

Initial Token Distribution

Our Team Member

Our team is group of highly skilled and motivated professionals. The Team has experience in the investment field gained through decades of holding top positions, including chief executive functions in brokerage and insurance companies, supervisory positions in finance-related companies in trading.

  • UI Designer

    Jonathan Hall

    Business official

    UI Designer

    Jo Parker

    Head of Marketing

    UI Designer

    Adam Morales

    Blockchain Engineer

  • UI Designer

    Cesar Trevizo


    UI Designer

    Andrew Nimely


    UI Designer

    Lemuel Rivera

    Sr Fraud Security

  • UI Designer

    Joanna Robinson

    General Manager

    UI Designer

    Jonas Hylte

    Head of Legal

    UI Designer

    Guido Wolters



Meet the Entire Team

When you are part of a great team, going to work in the morning feels joyous and exciting. There is a special feeling when your teammates are working towards the same goal as you – you’re able to share in the camaraderie of the journey, as well as the achievements. Through synergy, a good team is able .


Magnus Carlsen
World Chess Champion
Marcelo Bedoya
Software Engineer
Jorge Morales
Trading Technology
Farrukh Abbas
Organisation Design & Scaling

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answered some of the most common questions asked concerning this project. Please download the whitepaper for clarity and our support team are happy to help you.

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